Sunday, 1 June 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day Nine - Cousins, Ikea, Mexican and Music

This post is going in just under the wire, mere minutes before midnight. And what a day!

This morning I headed to my cousin's place to help assemble some Ikea furniture. That was awesome for two reasons - 1. He's just relocated his family to Melbourne, so I get to see more of them; and 2. Ikea furniture is essentially giant Lego for adults. WHOOHOO!

We then had a really awesome glass of wine to celebrate a job well done. 

Next, I headed home and had a piece of that awesome m&ms-topped choccy cake for lunch. 

And then I had a really awesome nap. 

The nap gave me sufficient energy to make it out to dinner at an awesome Mexican restaurant with my friend Viv, and then to the even more awesome show The Waifs put on at the Corner Hotel. 

I think I win Sunday!

What was awesome about your weekend?

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