Saturday, 31 May 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day Eight - Parties, Cake and Fire

One week in and I'm done with capitalising the AWESOME. It's a little excessive. 

Lunch with friends. Awesome. 

Engagement party #1 - got to see my brother, plus there was this cake, both if which were awesome:

Then I made this cake, which isn't as cool as the first one, but I'm also not a pastry chef like the bride-to-be's father, who made that other cake, is. So I think it's a pretty awesome effort:

Now I'm at engagement party #2, at my house (not my party, to be clear!), and I've seen a bunch of my friends, am within a stone's throw of my bed, and I'm sitting in front of this fire:

Life is pretty awesome. So what was awesome about your day?


  1. Show wifey her first game of lacrosse ever. Saw my first game of lacrosse in something like 3 years. It was a beautiful day for standing on an oval and watching lacrosse. Encouraged parents to also come down and watch lacrosse which they haven't done in years either.

    It was a great lacrosse day :)

    1. I was trying to think of some kind of pun-derful response to that, but I fell short. We played it, like, twice in high school but I've never seen a full game played. Although I did come across this slogan in the search - "Lacrosse: turning violent personalities into world-class athletes" - so by the sounds of it, it could be worth watching!


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