Tuesday, 27 May 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day Four - I'm Alive!

So today was awesome for three reasons, and two of them related to food. 

Nobody is surprised by that, are they... (Statement, not question!)

First up, there was another AWESOME corned beef sanga with green tomato chutney that my Superintendent made. The chutney, I mean. His wife makes his sandwiches for him so the chances of me having one made by him are slim to none. 

Secondly, I went out for tea at the local Russell (that's the RSL, or Returned Servicemans League, for those playing elsewhere in the world). $21 for two courses - mini spring rolls for entree, and calamari with chips n salad for mains. Surprisingly (for me and my sweet tooth) I went for the entree and main not the main and dessert, but the desserts looked a bit pov to me. Anyway, it was cheap, massive servings, the service was super-fast and it was tasty, too. AWESOME!

The third and final thing that happened today (if you don't count perving on totally hot - but unfortunately spoken for - landholders!) was that my friend Kirsti reminded me that six years ago today I nearly died in Peru and was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome. What is AWESOME about that is that, since then, I've been defibrillated nine times and survived. And I've spent 32 nights in hospital, and I'm still sane, and I still love getting food on a tray, and still love bed goes up bed goes down bed goes up bed goes down bed goes up bed goes down. And I've had three bouts of surgery, and have bounced back faster each time, and the scar still upsets me but hey, at least they've been able to keep it in the same spot. 

And I'm becoming mentally stronger - I'm pretty much back to being Invincible Ness, albeit a version that doesn't do quite such foolhardy things but will still have a shot at almost anything. After all, we only get to live each day once. It's probably only really happened in the last six months, and I'm pretty excited about what new things there are around the corner for me to conquer. I don't feel like a cripple anymore (which I know friends will yell at me for saying, but it's how I felt for a very long time). So I think that's pretty AWESOME!!! 

And another AWESOME aspect of my stupid dodgy heart is the amazing support I've received from unexpected quarters over the last six years. In addition to existing friends, family and acquaintances (mostly) becoming closer, veritable strangers have also embraced me across four states and looked out for me, and it takes pretty special people to do that, so I am proud to number you all amongst my friends. 

So I'm alive, and that's pretty darned AWESOME!

Well, that's it for today's blessings. This little black duck needs to hit the hay. 

So what was awesome about your day today? Hit me up below. 

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