Monday, 26 May 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day Three - Not So Awesome

Well that took less time than I expected. I'm only onto Day Three, and already I'm scraping the bottom of the "awesome" barrel. Below-average day and feeling pretty uninspired. Sad face. 

I might have a change of heart once I'm back for yoga, though. In fact, given how much I love it I'd be surprised if I didn't. Yoga really is awesome (no capitals yet - will re-assess the situation and finish this post once I'm full of endorphins and am feeling more enthusiastic about things!).

In the meantime, I can only think of two awesome things from today. 

First up, one of the landholders whose property we are affecting rang me this morning to see if we could lend them a backhoe for two seconds. You see, their FRIGGING MASSIVE, 60kg+  American Bulldog x Mastiff died, and they knew that digging a hole big enough by hand would take quite some doing. Obviously it's obviously not awesome that the dog died - he was a beautifully ugly, slobbery horse of a thing that was just begging you to cuddle him (er, although I do concede that not everyone feels as fondly of big dogs or even of those breeds as I do!), and I'm sad that he died. But what is AWESOME is that I've formed a positive relationship with the landholders whereby they felt able to ask me for help. And even better is that I was able to help them. 

The other pre-yoga thing on my list was that a friend was staying alone at hotel for a conference, and she texted to say that fancy-pants rooms with king-sized beds aren't much fun without someone to share it with. So I encouraged her to jump on the beds and build a fort from bedding. This is what she came up with:
My response? "I see doonas and chairs. You're not trying hard enough."

And then:
"Much better!"

Encouraging an adult to build a fort from bedding and succeeding? AWESOME! Looks like fun, too. 

Oh! I tell a lie! There was something else about my day that qualified:

Corned beef and pickle sandwiches, which are one of my favourite-est sandwiches ever. Definitely qualifies as AWESOME! Heh, which means that at least the next two days will also be awesome, cos I'm still eating the leftovers 😄

*     *     *     *     *

Yep. Yoga was good. It was really good. In fact, it was AWESOME! I turned myself into a pretzel, stretched the bits that needed stretching, worked some weak bits, and did a wee bit of mediation and relaxation to quieten the mind and rest the body. So I'm feeling a lot more positive than when I first began writing. And tomorrow there will be corned beef again, so I'm looking forward to my day with a positive attitude 😄

What was awesome about YOUR day? Hit me up below in the comments. 


  1. We had an awesome day at the Simi Valley Cajun & Zydeco music festival yesterday. Collapsed when we came home, then a delicious honey whiskey and fall into bed.... feeling replete. Recovery day today, a feast of soccer on tv. Xxxxxxxx

    1. You're right, that DOES sound awesome! Even your recovery day sounds pretty good :) xo

  2. Yesterday was mostly awesome vicariously. Wife had her first day of new job and loved it. Then I enjoyed watching her play an awesome game of basketball (which did end slightly earlier for her than expected when she caught a fist with her eye).

    But they still won and she scored several goals - Awesome.

    1. Vicarious awesomeness totally counts, and I happen to think it's pretty infectious. Especially when it's loved ones experiencing it. Sounds like a good day :)


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