Tuesday, 17 June 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day 21-24 - Beer, Weddings, Sugarcraft Snowboarders and Yoga

Well. It looks like life has been so awesome lately that I haven't actually had time to write and fulfil my commitment for the last four days. Er, sorry about that, me...!

Day 21 - Friday - Beer.

Fridays aren't so awesome, at least, not until the time that you can leave work. And THEN they become awesome by default. De-fault. The two sweetest words in the English language.
That's pretty much how it went. Friday dragged its sorry arse, right up until home time. Luckily, IT did something awesome for us for once and decided to update the server between 4:20pm and 4:50pm, and decreed that we needed to log off during that time. What's that? You want me to go home at 4:15pm? Sure thing, I can do that! Which is just as well, because I was quite literally falling asleep in my chair, and concentration wasn't really an option by that stage.

Because of that you'd also have thought the smart thing to do would be to have a nanna nap before I went out, but I made a pretty awesome decision (for me!) and did some chores instead.
I had another date lined up, which was awesome - things seem to be going pretty well and he's a nice guy, so spending Friday night with him seemed like a good idea. We were headed for the Moon Dog Brewery in Abbotsford, which is co-owned by my friend Jake, and it's a pretty awesome place. Their beers are not for the faint of heart, and weigh in with up to 9% alcohol content, so if you're into easy drinking this isn't really your place.

But if you love craft beer with quirky names, and venues with a warehouse-y yet cosy feel, get amongst it! They open from Thursday through Saturday nights, and you can check out their website to see which food truck will grace the bar's presence that night. And Jake's brother Josh, one of the other owners, was handing out buckets of popcorn when we walked in. Definitely onto a winner there - good beer, free popcorn, awesome food.

I also roped my friend Ness in, who seemed to have had a below-average day, because beer and food truck food will make most things better. I also got my friend Harry to join us, so Ness didn't feel all third wheel. Altogether it turned out to be a pretty awesome night.

Day 22 - Saturday - Weddings

Saturday was quite a day! I discovered (er, and became a member of...) another cake decorating supplies store, this time in Richmond. This one was Bake Boss, and I was there to pick up supplies for a cake I'm making later in the week for my Site Superintendent's daughter's 30th birthday cake. Any day where I get to mooch around a cake decorating store is a gooooood day :-)

On the way there, I also saw this shop. And I'm really glad to know that they don't frame body parts...

After that I had to dash out to mum's place and see if I had a dress that would fit for the wedding I was headed to, and it did, which was awesome. The question was raised because I recalled how snug the dress was last time I wore it, but things seem to have improved a little since then... yay!

Then I had to go buy a new pair of Bridget Jones undies to wear under said dress, because my existing pair were in the wash. The awesome part about that was the look on the lingerie store attendant's face when she asked whether I'd just had a baby and I said no, I'm just fat. She recoiled ever so slightly, and then, without missing a beat, she tapped my belly and said that it looked like I had recently lost weight. Good saaaaaaaave!

Had lunch at Nessa's place, which is always awesome, then toddled off to Yarra Glen to get ready for my friend Matt's wedding. He scrubs up alright, don'tcha think?

The wedding was at Train Trak winery/Zonzo's restaurant, and it was pretty awesome, despite the fact the rain did its best to ensure the ceremony was not heard by anyone! Great people (and I pretty much had to make friends from scratch, so that's really saying something), amazing food, good wine. Awesome night.

Day 23 - Sunday - Sugarcraft Snowboarders

First there was the awesomely leisurely morning with late checkout at the B&B I had stayed in out in Yarra Glen. Then I toddled down the pub for lunch with the remainders of the wedding crowd, and had a pretty awesome cream of mushroom soup. I decided that it was hometime after that, because I was getting kind of snoozy and driving would soon become difficult.

Things are getting down to the wire with this cake I'm making, so I had to make the snowboarder figurine for the top on Sunday or it just wasn't going to happen. This coincided with the urge to watch Four Weddings and a Funeral, which remains one of the most awesome movies of all time. And this is what I crafted (not quite finished at this stage, but I'm still pretty pleased with myself!):

Meanwhile, I put a lamb roast on, and it was pretty awesome, too:

Day 24 - Monday - Yoga

Monday was pretty good for a Monday! I got heaps done at work, which was an awesome start to the week.

And then I had a pretty awesome yoga class.

And then I hung out and chatted with Friday night's date for a bit and did Tim-Tam Slams with a cup of tea, which is awesome any day of the week, let alone on Mondays. As it turns out, the caramel ones are much better option because the caramel kind of acts as reinforcement and holds it all together when you suck the tea through it. Yep, in case you hadn't guessed he's an engineer, and has actually thought through the physics behind a Tim-Tam Slam, and any (Aussie) girl would think that's pretty awesome!

So that's four awesome days for you. I'll try to get back to doing it daily again, promise!

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