Friday, 6 June 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day Thirteen - Drugs and Danishes

Oops, I was a very bad blogger and didn't post last night. Yesterday was one of those days where it's just a little bit harder to find awesome things to focus on, in fact, to focus on anything at all. Not that there was anything particularly bad about the day, it was just a very meh kind of day. Probably - as I now know - because I was coming down with a cold.

My friend Kaye emailed me to say that her dog is finally making a recovery from his bowel obstruction, so I guess that's pretty awesome. I like Scruffy and I'm glad that he's okay.

My friend Kat emailed pictures of her dog totally ignoring a helicopter removing mangroves opposite their house, which was awesome. The dog, and also the helicopter, I mean.

Blah blah blah, came home, started to really suspect I was getting sick, and my housemates had friends over for dinner, and this is the part where it got awesome - as I was going to bed, one of their friends took a berry Danish out of the oven, and I was able to squirrel away a piece so that I could have breakfast Danish today. Win!

Then, because I can't take cold n flu tablets, I took a hayfever tablet instead before I went to bed. That knocked me for six and dried my nose right up, and that was awesome.

No wonder I didn't post anything yesterday. If drugs and Danishes are as awesome as it gets, that's kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel. Again. Note to self: Must make more effort towards awesomeness.

Oh, I thought of another one! Some of you may know I've dipped my toe in the online dating pool (hah, okay, so I'm practically submerged!), and there was a few exchanges of messages with this guy who seems pretty cool, which is awesome. Anyway, we're going out for coffee on Saturday. So yay to that.

That is all.

Was your day more awesome than mine?


  1. Cooked an awesome date night dinner for the wife. There were 4 components to main course and I managed to cook the perfect amount of each: bellies full of awesome food and no left over to stink up the fridge over the long weekend!

    Online dating will be what you make of it. Just remember both genders experience of it is frustrating (for opposite reasons) and to be safe. And I'm a walking example that you can end up happily married to someone your introduced to online. (But my wife is just one of three girls I friended on facebook that day, two from online dating and one a friend suggested I might be interested in)

    1. Yummo! I love it when dinners turn out perfectly like that. All too often there's too much of everything, and you go too hard too soon and end up needing to unbutton your pants to let your food baby breathe. Not cool.

      I've decided that online dating is fundamentally a very weird concept, because you basically do exactly the reverse of what you would in the real world. Instead of meeting someone by chance (or otherwise), discovering you connect with them, deciding you want to spend more time with them and then asking them out, you basically ask them out, then spend more time with them, then connect with them. Essentially I just treat it as another means to meet people, with no other expectations. And I definitely only meet potential suitors in public places!


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