Wednesday, 25 June 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day 31 - Croquembouche

Yesterday was my Housebaby's first birthday. I think it's pretty awesome that I've now had the pleasure of living with her for almost exactly 50% of her life. I helped her celebrate by jiggling her on my knee and giving her a jar of sprinkles to shake and make sounds with to entertain herself, whilst talking on the phone to my BFF Ness. Yep, I really know how to party! (As previously identified during the recent crocheting-in-onesies Hen's weekend...) Actually, I thought it was pretty awesome that, of all the things on the kitchen bench, she went for the sprinkles. I'll make a baker of her yet!
The other highlight of my day was my cake decorating class. It was awesome for two reasons - one, because it was a cake decorating class. And two, because it was the last cake decorating class of the term, and I'm pretty run down and looking forward to having my Tuesday nights back to myself!
We made croquembouche, which I have made for myself before, but last time I did (quite a small) caramel croquembouche, not chocolate. So this is the chocolate one, and even though it's a bit wonky, the guys at work still thought it was pretty awesome:
It's not quite as wonky as it looks - the cone in the centre was a little off-kilter from the trip down in the car - and once upon a time, pre those chocolate butterflies were in one piece.
But, more importantly (four profiteroles later), it tastes pretty awesome!
So tell me, what was awesome about your day?

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