Friday, 13 June 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day Twenty - Audits and Tarts

The day could have been less awesome than it was. There was a compliance audit on site with the local shire council, and I had to meet with a landholder (who we refer to as "teepee man") to assuage his concerns.
But working day turned out pretty awesomely - the audit went fairly well (yay!) and teepee man seemed to be fairly reasonable and not at all stoned (contrary to earlier indications), although I'm sorry to say that he has taken down his teepee. I will, however continue to refer to him as teepee man. Wouldn't want anyone to get confused about his identity ;-)
After we were finished with teepee man, we went for a vanilla slice down in Sorrento. Apparently these vanilla slices are pretty famous, and I can see why:
Got a bit more admin done, and then headed home to get ready for a date.
The evening was off to an awesome start - my skinny jeans fit me. Yay! Uh, skinny as in the cut, not as in the size. But hey, small victories, and they looked alright!
Then I had a pretty awesome dinner cooked for me - steak and salad with roasted potatoes, and the steak was very well done. As in perfectly done, not as in a leathery, overcooked waste of meat. It was a simple meal, but a good one. And for dessert... *drum roll*
Strawberry(ish) tart! He remembered that I liked them from our date on Saturday. That was pretty awesome :-)
Hmm, I'm sensing a theme here - any day where I am fed good food is an awesome day, or so it would seem! No surprises there.
What was awesome about your day?


  1. Pretty awesome... Picked up the biggest kid from four days away at camp. Don't think I've ever seen a bigger smile on his face when he saw me.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised if it had matched the smile on his mum's face!

      I once saw a kid greet his dad at the airport. When he saw his dad come through the gates he came tearing around behind the barrier in the International arrivals, screamed "Daddy!" and jumped at him. I just love kids' enthusiasm :)


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