Friday, 6 June 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day Fourteen - Boogers and Blocked Ears


Such a sexy day today. I woke up with a horrible cold and didn't go to work because I didn't want to share the germs around (but still actually had to get some work done, only from home).
So, the sleep-in was awesome, and well-needed.
And the fact I was able to rest between spates of working was pretty awesome too. I'm seriously contemplating getting a hammock for my office.
And then there were a couple more messages from the guy I'm brunching with tomorrow, although, truth be told, if I'm still this disgusting in the morning I'm not exactly going to make an awesome impression. Oh well, we shall see. He's been warned!
And then this evening, I watched two DVDs - Valentine's Day, and Paperback Hero. Paperback Hero is alllllways awesome. It's got this guy in it, for starters:
Hugh Jackman, with his shirt allllmost off? Yes, please! And you're welcome :)
Tomorrow is the start of a long weekend here, so I'm going to endeavour to make my weekend more awesome than the previous couple of weeks have been. I know the weekdays have been a bit mundane, but I guess that's the idea here - taking stock of the little things that make your day more positive and brighter. And if I manage to make it through the night and not wake up feeling like I've been breathing with my mouth open all night, that will be a pretty awesome start to the day ;) (I like to aim high. Hehe.)
So what awesome things are you looking forward to getting up to this long weekend?


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