Saturday, 7 June 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day Fifteen - And That's How it's Done

I totally rocked this whole awesomeness gig today. True, it was made easier because it was a Saturday, but I am still suffering from a cold, so I'm pretty impressed it was that good a day. 

First up, I woke a few minutes before my alarm went off, but in an awesome, "gosh I feel awake!" kind of way, not in a "whyyyyyy?" kind if way. 

Next came my brunch date down at St Kilda. It could have been awkward - I have my "no food in the first date" rule so you can bail quickly if it's a terrible date - but the gamble paid off, and brunch was pretty awesome. Both the food and the company, I mean. He even brought me a little packet of tissues cos he knew I was sick. Bless. 

We ate down at the cafĂ© on the pier - smashed avocado, feta and pomegranate on sourdough toast with a poached egg - and then we went and checked out the penguin colony, and actually saw a penguin, which was pretty awesome. As was the racist hobo with the goon bag showing us where the penguins were. 

On our way back down the pier we got some free chip-type things - disturbingly, there is now a Special K-branded savoury snack. Sour cream and chive crackers. Low in calories (for this kind of snack, anyhow), kind of abrasive on your mouth... But free, and therefore awesome!

Then we went for a wander and decided to have another cuppa, and a pretty awesome strawberry tart, which are my most favourite-est baked goods ever. And apparently also one of his.

So that's a pretty awesome effort, I think - a two-venue, two-meal, four-hour first date, and with hobos and penguins, too! Bonus!

On my way home I stopped in at Chaddy and got an awesome massage. She totally fixed my shoulder, plus did the reflexology thing for my feet, so I'm kinda blissed out from that still. Oh and I scored a car park almost straight away, which is unheard of at Chaddy on a Saturday. And I chatted to a friend on the phone whilst obtaining said car park, which was an awesome combination. 

When I got home I finally went through my veggie drawer and threw out the gross stuff. I turned the salvageable portion into soup for dinner, which was actually pretty awesome considering how manky the collection of veggies was to begin with. It's incredible what some cayenne and a wholllle lot of garlic can do!

I watched Romeo & Juliette with my housemates while eating dinner (it's just as awesome as I remembered), and chased it with the awesome chocolate self-saucing puddings I'd made. 

The only way I could have upped the awesome would have been by hitting the gym, which would be foolish because I'm sick. Patience, Grasshopper. 

So. Did anyone have as awesome a day as I did? I sure hope so!

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