Wednesday, 11 June 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day Nineteen - Long Days Can Be Awesome, Too

Up before 5:30am to be at work before 7, but it was an awesome sunrise. That's always been my favourite part about going to work early - having the opportunity that so few choose to take, and seeing the day dawn all clean and shiny and new. 

Then the day went blah blah blah blah busy busy blah blah. 

Then I came home and went to the gym, where they set me up with a program, which was painful but in an awesome  way. 

And now I'm sitting here watching this week's episode of Game of Thrones, which began somewhat averagely but as I sit here, it is improving in its awesomeness. 

I spoke to dad for a little whole, too, and for the first ten minutes or so he was quite lucid, which was pretty awesome. But then he started to slip again, which wasn't so great. But hey, small victories, right?

So now I'm going to finish this awesome hot chocolate, have a nice warm shower and snuggle up into bed where I will hopefully have an awesome sleep. Tomorrow will be another big day and I'll need all the rest I can get!

What was awesome about your day?

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