Tuesday, 22 July 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Days 54 - 58 - Happy Birthday To Me!

I just had quite the hectic weekend, because it was my birthday! A fair chunk of the weekend was spent having a party, setting up for said party and cleaning up from said party, but it was a great weekend nonethless.
So here we go again, in reverse chronoligical order, the awesome things:
Day 58:
- Yoga
- Good day at work
- Read this post on Reddit and the comments that followed it, and it prompted me to pay more attention to and appreciate what was around me. Which is quite a bit of talent, as it turns out - I work in the construction industry and am surrounded by men all day. And, believe it or not, almost every man has something going for him, regardless of age (although admittedly the majority of the age profile of my office sits between 27 and 37). So yeah, I spent two minutes of my site meeting checking out the scenery, appreciating that, and then letting it go. I strongly encourage you ladies to do the same. Just not in a creepy way ;-)
- Support from The Kiwi when my mentally unbalanced father called
- Flirtatious texting with The Kiwi. Yeah, we flirt even though we're actually together. It's fun! You should totally give it a go!
Day 57:
- My birthday, which means I survived another year. Go me!
- My birthday, which meant that a whole year had passed since the first guy since my ex busted some moves on me. Although it's unlikely that he's reading it, I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how awesome it was that a 24 year old was interested in a (then) 31 year old. Even though he wasn't for me, it did help me heal, improved my self esteem and reminded me that there are some quite lovely guys out there. Thanks, J! Hope you find happiness for yourself, too :-)
- My birthday, which meant PRESENTS!!! The Kiwi did really, really well and bought me a bunch of little things that showed he had been listening, and all you ladies know that the little things generally add up to more than the grand gestures. Especially demonstrating they have been listening. Don't get me wrong, the occasional grand gesture doesn't go astray! But I scored some nice chocolates (what girl doesn't love those), a warm pyjama top from Peter Alexander (he knows I get really cold at night, and that I'm a PA girl), some Jurlique hand cream (I'd run out of the tube I keep in the car), a pizza cutter (he sat with me while I decorated the wedding cake the other week, and I had commented that I should be using a pizza cutter not a knife to trim the fondant, so he went out and bought me a really good one), and... well the fifth thing was probably more for his benefit than mine, but I'm totally okay with that ;-)
- My birthday, which meant left over cake, jelly slice and profiteroles for breakfast. Nom.
- We went for a drive to the Dandenongs and had a Devonshire tea. Nom.
- We went out for dinner on Lygon Street and I had a really nice fettucine cabonara, chased by gelato. Nom.
- The Kiwi did a stellar job of helping me clean up from the party.
- I had an early night, which I REALLY needed after the big weekend I had.
Day 56:
- I slept in (a little bit)
- I had an awesome massage (although I do have bruises now...)
- I made this cake (no, I don't plan to grow up. Why do you ask?):
- I had a birthday party and saw approximately 30 of my friends and family
- The Kiwi bought me a bunch of white roses. My favourite! (Yep, he definitely listens.)
Day 55:
- I had an appointment with a dentist, which I thought was going to end really badly... but which actually ended in having my teeth professionally cleaned. No cavities after all, just teeth that I apparently brush too well. Yep, that's a thing...
- I got a bit of my tax stuff sorted
- I got a hair cut and donated the ponytail to charity. Now you see it...
... and now you don't!
And yes, they were really both taken on the same day. I had a few people ask me whether I was twelve years old in the first picture, and the answer is no. It was taken at about 7am on Friday, and the second one was taken about twelve hours later. True story!
- We had Burger Lounge for dinner, and I have to say, they make THE most amazing burgers
- And by "we" I mean "mum, The Kiwi and me". Yep, the new man met the mother... and it went well. Whew!
- Went for a drink at the Young and Jackson with my BFF Ness and The Kiwi. We were out pretty late but it was a good night with good company and good wine.
Day 54:
- Spent the evening finishing off the book my hairdresser had lent me. Which is just as well because it was beginning to give me nightmares...
What awesome things have been happening in your world?


  1. Happy belated birthday, Ness! So sorry it blew past me!

  2. Awe, hope you had a good birthday! Sounds like it! That cake is gorgeous and I love your new cut - even more gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! :) Yep, it was a terrific birthday. And now, every time I see a picture of that cake, I want another slice...


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