Friday, 11 July 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Days 45-47 - I Got The Music In Me; Turkish Delight; and I'm Really Paid To Do This

Something happened on Day 45 that hasn't happened in quite a while.

I picked up a guitar.

And I didn't pick it up and just muck around for one or two songs. I did that the other week, when I was trying to teach The Kiwi to play his own guitar, and that's probably what started it for me. Partly because it rekindled my affinity to it, and partly because he has quite a nice guitar to play, and it doesn't hurt my fingers like my own one does, so it's actually a pleasure to have it in your hands.
It's also a pretty darned sexy instrument. Not sure if it's exactly this one but I think it might be:
I really got into it. By which I mean, like, five or six songs. Or maybe it was even a couple more than that. But I was playing, and I was singing, and I was loving it. I'm pretty rusty, and I never really had great technique, but The Kiwi's dog didn't howl in distress which I think is a good sign!
I'm telling you this, because it is by far one of the most awesome things that has happened to me all week. I'm just so happy because I have found my music again! It was really, truly dead for a while there, and it's really nice to have it back. I'm even finding myself singing randomly, for no reason, and it's probably only a matter of time before I start singing along with the music playing in the supermarket again. Yep, that's an again. I used to do it, before the music died. Bet my fellow shoppers are thrilled to bits that I'll be back at it again ;-)
Day 46 was Kiwi Interrogation Night for my housemates and two of my BFFs (incidentally, also former housemates of my housemates, and the way I met them to begin with), which in all honesty was just the seven (can't forget the Housebaby!) of us going out for dinner with the intention of getting to know The Kiwi a bit better. The good news is, he seems to fit in fairly well and didn't rub anyone up the wrong way so far as I could tell, which was awesome. We had Turkish. Mmm, hot meat and dips. How can you go wrong! The quantities were pretty awesome as well as the quality, which meant that I couldn't finish my meal... and yet we still journeyed across the road to Cold Rock afterwards, where I managed to fit in a serving of Turkish Delight ice cream with Malteasers mixed in. Pretty awesome combination - obviously very sweet, but the maltiness of the Malteasers kind of took the edge off. I'd probably actually consider peanuts next time...
On Day 47 I was reminded of one of the more awesome perks of my job - being able to claim reimbursement for a hot chocolate. I basically had to drive 45 minutes to get someone to sign a Deed of Release, and we had a coffee while we were at it to keep things friendly. So I was pretty much paid to drink hot chocolate and chat to a nice lady. And then I popped into my BFF Alice's house for half an hour for lunch - she lives around the corner for my office and is on holidays at present, so it was awesome to be able to catch up with her. She also fed me some really awesome chilli!
My evening plans came undone when I realised I didn't have my gym gear with me, which I had carefully packed... and then left on the floor :-( So I was bummed about not finally fitting a workout in, but the payoff was that I got to read a few more chapters of a 650-page book my hairdresser lent me back when I had surgery, and which I am feverishly trying to finish before my appointment next Saturday! Creepy book, but awesome. It's by Joe Hill (Steven King's son) and is called NOS4A2. Apparently it is pronounced "Nosferatu", which is the name of a German vampire film/rip-off of Dracula from the 1920's. And there was a couple of Haigh's chocolates with my evening cup of tea, and Haigh's are pretty awesome, too. Nom.
So between finding my music, and Turkish (food AND delight), and being paid to drink hot chocolate and chat, it's been a pretty awesome couple of days.
What awesome things have you been up to?


  1. I eat a lot of meat and icecream with my Kiwi, too. It must be a good sign, surely? :-)

    And thanks for the book suuggestion... I've always loved Stephen King, so I might give that one a go! When I finally finish The Luminaries, anyway.

    1. I reckon so! My Kiwi is also an engineer (albeit a different sort), so I'm thinking Kiwi/meat/icecream/engineer might be a winning combination...

      I haven't read any Steven King, and apparently Joe Hill didn't publish under his real surname as he didn't want to be compared to his dad... and yet here he is, writing horror. Actually, this is kind of a combination of horror, thriller, murder mystery and fantasy. Quite dark, and the most interesting part is that the main character is a female and so it kind of feels like a female has written it. I'm not quite sure how he achieved that...


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