Wednesday, 2 July 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day 38 - Vietnamese Dragons with Heart

Well my title sounds kind of cryptic, but it isn't - it's just that the three items had nothing to do with one another besides occurring on the same day.

It was a "work from home" day on account of me having an cardiology appointment scheduled for smack-bang in the middle of the day. I had decided that there was not much merit in making the trek out to work and then having to come all the way in to town after a couple of hours and then back out again. So I began my day with a short sleep-in and then got to work. It was a pretty productive morning, too, which was awesome.
Walked up to the train station just as the train arrived and jumped straight on it, had a quick lunch with my BFF Ness, and then stepped straight onto a tram up to the hospital for my appointment. Awesome. Kicking goals all around right there!
The appointment was a bit less than awesome because when they did one of the tests on Zappy it sent my heart into an irregular beat and I felt a bit wonky, which was kinda scary, but they corrected it soon enough. And The Kiwi called to see how the appointment went, which was pretty awesome, and not something I've really had anyone do before. Gold star for you, my boy!
I got off the tram a few stops early on the way back into town and wended my way through the arcades of Melbourne, via Haighs Chocolates. They're an old favourite of mine from the time I spent living in Adelaide, and not just because they make these amazing, gigantic chocolate frogs - I am also quite a fan of their rose cream chocolates, ginger anything, chocolate coated coffee beans, dark chocolate apricots and... oh, who am I kidding, I'll take one of everything!!! I got a couple of bits and pieces from there, and of course said yes to the complimentary chocolate buttons (does anyone ever say no???). Visiting Haighs is always awesome for that reason alone.
Back on the train, home to do some more work, and then out to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 with The Kiwi (haha yep, I imposed my incredibly mature taste in movies on him... which turned out just fine because it's a good movie, and even the cartoon-y ones have enough adult content to keep everyone entertained nowadays), before heading out for some pretty awesome Vietnamese. I have also decided that Toothless is a pretty awesome dragon, and I kinda sorta want a dragon of my own... (that could happen, right??)
Altogether a pretty awesome day. How was yours?

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