Thursday, 3 July 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Day 39 - Soooo Muuuch Caaaake, So Little Sleep.

Well it was a Wednesday, and we all know how much I love Wednesdays, despite the early start. But on this occasion, the early start plus the late night I had meant I was up for 21 consecutive hours... and I only drifted off at my desk once! Heck, I don't even do that on international flights - I'll take a hayfever tablet and knock myself out cold. So being up that long was both compeltely unaccustomed and also somewhat less than awesome.
But I had a pretty awesome day at work. And I unexpectedly got to see The Kiwi for all of about twelve seconds, which was obviously also pretty awesome. He's a nice boy :-)
And then I had to cook an awesome quantity of cake... literally. Four cakes' worth of mud cake, baked one cake at a time, because the oven isn't big enough to fit two large tins. And because the seals are screwed and temperature is inconsistent at best; and mostly because the shelves in the oven fell to pieces and I had to fix them and start over with the reheating, it was 2:22am before I snuggled down into bed. Understandably the sheer quantity of cake was the only awesome thing about that.
Okay, and maybe the ganache. You're looking at 1kg of dark chocolate and 1L of cream there. Mmm, ganache... *drools*
And yeah, okay, you got me, I licked the whisk. And that was pretty awesome. Because duh.
Actually, an unexpected but awesome bonus of the baking taking forrrrrr everrrrrr was that FINALLY I had a chance to read a bit of the book my hairdresser lent me to read when I had time off for my surgery. Now, my birthday is coming up and I usually get my hair cut for that, so I've realised that I pretty much have two weeks to read a 650-page book and get it back to her, with little to no spare time on my hands. So I'll be the one with my nose buried in a book at any given moment for the next few weeks. Hopefully I don't injure myself doing that (I've done it before)...
Well, that's it for the awesomeness. It's lunchtime on Day 40 as I write this, and I'm struggling to stay awake. So I'm hoping there is some awesomeness in this day that will at least keep me awake... I do have to cover those cakes with fondant tonight, so that should keep me on my toes! (Note to self: remove rings and cut fingernails down to nothing so as to not damage the fondant.)

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