Tuesday, 1 July 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Days 34-37 - Roast, Hiking, Caterpillars & Yoga

Gosh, my weekends really are doing their darndest to be so awesome that I don't have time to post! Eh *shrugs* I doubt anyone is following along anyway, but that's okay - my purpose was to remind myself of the everyday awesomeness of my life, and that's certainly working for me.
Friday (Day 34):

The day was off to a shaky start when I realised I had a flat tyre. A very flat tyre. 50,000km on rough roads and sharp sticks in Tasmania last year without a problem, and a tiny little screw in a suburban street brings me undone. Sheesh. It probably would have been somewhat less awesome if The Kiwi hadn't very kindly changed my tyre for me, but, as it was, I got to watch a man do manly things for me (even though I can change a tyre myself), so not such a shaky start to the day after all! It also meant I got to leave work early to pick up the repaired tyre. Winning :-)
But the main feature of the day was going to my friend Rachel's place for an awesome roast pork dinner. It was originally supposed to be a spit roast, but it was blowing such a gale that a) it was never going to cook, and b) 3 gum trees fell over in their neighbour's yard, which makes sitting outside in the elements by choice kind of foolhardy. I suppose you could say that the wind was awesome, too, in the truest sense of the word!

Awesome food, awesome company, and awesomely amusing watching Rach's husband Russ grill The Kiwi. Which I'm pretty sure Russ took pleasure in doing.
Saturday (Day 35):
First, and probably best, was an awesome sleep-in. Nothing quite like lolling about in bed, with no intention of doing anything productive.
But, all too soon, my day's responsibilities (being baking cakes for other people) crept up on me, and so I had to lever myself out of bed and get up n at 'em. But first stop, eggs and bacon brekkie! Any day that starts with an egg and bacon brekkie is an awesome day.
Fruit cake for Hamish and Chrissy's wedding: check!
Smelt awesome, too. Mmmmmmaybe because of all the brandy in it...
Cupcakes for my Housebaby Layla's The Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday cake: check!
The Very Headless Caterpillar, mostly assembled: check!
(I'm glad my icing writing is improving)
And somewhere in there, I found time to go do the 1000 Steps in the Dandenongs. It was awesome getting up there again and doing it again, and even more awesome that I did it in under an hour, which surprised the heck out of me considering how off-colour I've been feeling.
Two of my Usual (hiking) Suspects, Kaye and Jamie, came along, and The Kiwi also joined us. And I think that after I explained to him that me going bright red in the face was a good thing because it meant that my heart was actually beating, I suspect he enjoyed himself a bit more. Everyone was awesomely patient with me, as usual, and I'm really glad I did it. Even though my legs are still sore!!!
Sunday (Day 36):
My day started with another, smaller sleep-in, and progressed to playing with my friend Emma's staffy Milly, and then cuddling her adorable baby Arthur (who is approximately double the size he was the last time I saw him, which wasn't even that long ago!). Then Em and I went for brunch at Mixed Business in Clifton Hill (they don't know I exist), and I had some pretty awesome apple pie waffles:
as well as an epically huge hot chocolate:
Truth be told the waffles were probably a touch sweet because I'd just had the hot chocolate, but I ordered a green tea to chase it and all was awesome in the world again. It's also just as well I had that massive mug to wrap my hands around, because it was freeeezing cold and pouring with rain and we were seated under cover but nonethless outside. Between that awesome hot chocolate and the crocheted rugs they handed out to customers, Em and I had a pretty awesome brunch.
Next, I sallied forth home to assemble the Very Hungry Caterpillar. My Housebaby's mum Nyssa had carved a head for the caterpillar out of watermelon, and I think she did a pretty awesome job of it:
So there were a few hours of kids' party-type activities (by which I mean, I sat in the kitchen drinking cups of tea, doing work and playing with the occasional tiny human that came my way), and then the adult "Whoohoo, we survived a year of parenthood!" festivities began. By which I mean, beer and poker. And I ended up with about 75% of the winnings, which was especially awesome considering it had been The Kiwi's money to begin with. Now THAT is an excellent investment ;-)
Monday (Day 37):
Ugh, Mondays. But, there were breakfast cupcakes. Not ALL of these, obviously, but one or two ;-)
The day was average, but, as per usual, yoga saved the day in the evening and made things awesome. Actually, it really was an awesome yoga session. I know I'm getting better at it, partly because they've moved me to the front of the room so people can use my form to guide them. And then I had an awesome Thai green curry cooked for me, and having food cooked for you is always awesome.
Tell me what was awesome about your weekend!



  1. This Kiwi is making life pretty fun to read about! Tire changing skills (expected) and cooking skills (unexpected) are a great combo. That cupcake cake looks awesome!

    1. He's definitely also making life pretty fun to live! It's really not as hard to identify the awesomeness in your day when that's the icing on the cake ;-) On the down side, his cooking is soooo good that my pants are getting a bit tight...


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