Sunday, 21 August 2011

101 Things Update - Week 6

This week was just about as slow as last week, with the notable exception that I made cupcakes and went for a jog.

#1 - Declare my 29th year to be Year of the Cupcake. Rose and Pistachio Cupcakes, inspired by how completely crap the ones at Joy Cupcakes at Westfield Doncaster were. Seriously, four dollars and it reminded me of cardboard. Not only the texture, but also the flavour. They. Did. Not. Taste. Like. Rose. And it wasn't just me - mum tried some too. It was like they had forgotten to put the rose flavouring in, or had decided that they didn't respect their customers enough to trust them to enjoy a distinct flavour that they had ordered and so opted to dumb it down. Also, the frosting had what I would describe as pistachio dust in - you could see that there was a bit of very mild graininess about it, but could discern no flavour, next to no colour (besides brown, which makes me think they just added pistachio skins and not the nuts, and come ON, people - pistachios are a vibrant GREEN!!!) and could barely detect the texture. And the frosting left a fatty coating on your teeth, much like you get from that cheap $2 Shop chocolate they sell at Easter. Ugh. I knew I could do better, and I did. I also emailed their customer service department and told them how crap it was (yes, really. I've turned into that person) and how much better I could do and offered my services to assist improving the flavour, which they ignored. Oh well, their loss. Once people get over how pretty the cupcakes are and recognise them for the pile of poo that they are, they'll stop buying them. And then they'll realise that I was right. RIGHT, I tells ya!!!

...Step awaaaaaaaay from the sugar...

#35 - Exercise 4 times a week in the lead-up to the wedding. Done! Two days at the gym, and I worked really hard. Then, on Saturday, Grant and I went for a jog. A JOG!!! I ran!!! Sort of. I kind of more shuffled and panted and sweated and held my right boob in place to stop Zappy from hurting me as he bounced around behind my pectoral muscle. Thanks to Grant for supporting me and jogging with me, even though it must have been infuriatingly slow, and even though he must have been thinking every step of the way that I would require CPR. Dad came for a walk with me today, which damned near killed me even though it was nothing out of the ordinary. I think it was all the strained muscles and lactic acid from yesterday's little effort that did that to me! Oh well, better luck next time. At least I got up and moving today.

And now I'm going to instert a search term bound to be a hit with anyone with LQTS: Long QT Syndrome patients can jog! Although, I must say, when I asked my electropysiologist whether I could, he gave me A Very Disapproving Look and paused a moment before saying that I could go for a light jog. Heh. Me?? Do anything more than a light jog?? Pretty bloody unlikely!!! I'd also like to point out that two of his patients are (or were, 3 years ago) AFL players. They keep that one pretty quiet! So I guess what I'm saying is that it's not against doctor's recommendations, but you do have to be a bit sensible about it. No sprinting, no marathons, nothing that's too much of a stretch on your normal scope of fitness (which I have been gradually improving at the gym).

#49 - Lose 1kg per month. Well, I must say I'm completely unsurprised that I gained half a kilo this week, given how much crap I ate, but it's kind of good to know where your balance is. I'm feeling fat, but have recognised that it's a three steps forward, two steps back kind of proposition because whilst I gained girth last week but lost weight, this week I did the reverse, so I'm not completely disheartened. I do know what I have to do to stay on track with this, though - eat less cake! Even though I technically am on track, if I'm looking to lose 1kg per month.

I'm going to have to be particularly careful what I put in my mouth this week, though, given that I'm headed to Brisvegas for a work thing (where they will feed us - already made my menu choices and chose the healthiest things I could, but that's not saying much), and then having dinner with my aunt and hopefully my cousins, and then spending the weekend with my friends Danielle and Kaye. Work thing = abundance of food and wine. Family thing = abundance of food and wine. Girls weekend thing = abundance of food, maybe not so much the wine. Maybe I'll just go easy on the wine and desserts, cos you get so little bang for your calorie buck.

Anyway, don't expect much exciting to happen next week. Oh, except I am (#65 - read all unread books before buying more) in the middle of reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, so with all this flying around I may get it read. Oh, and just to let you know, my BFF Emma bought me Gone With the Wind (#66 - read Gone With the Wind) for my birthday (she had to order it in which is why it has only just arrived) because she knew how long it is and that I would probably have to keep reborrowing it from the library to finish it, which would be annoying and inconvenient. OH! And the girls and I will be hitting Sea World next weekend (#51 - visit a theme park) so maybe I WILL have a post after all! I count Sea World as a theme park, by the way. I don't care if you don't. So there.

Right. It's well past my bedtime and I have to finish packing for Brisvegas before bed (seriously! Who ordered the weather up there?? It's supposed to be NICE and SUNNY, and instead it's going to be COLDER and WETTER than it will be down south. Harumph). Night all!

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