Monday, 15 August 2011

101 Things Update - Week 5

Well, I don't have anything to report this week besides:

#35 - Exercise 4 times per week in the lead-up to the wedding. Check! <-- quite proud of this one

#24 - Blog at least twice per month for a year. Third fortnight done - check!

#49 - Lose 1kg per month until under 75kg. Check! Except that I'm scared I'll put it back on again... maybe I should wait until the end of each month to actually declare victory on this one, especially because this one actually stipulates that I am to keep it off. Yes, that sounds like a much better idea. In the meantime, if you're interested, you can keep track here. Note that I meant I had lost 1kg, not that I was under 75kg - I wish! My pre-publish read-through made me realise that may not be quite clear.

I am afraid, dear reader, that nothing else has changed, and that this has been a very dry post. As mentioned previously, I just want to get into the habit of blogging weekly. Normally I'd do it on a Sunday afternoon but this week I was too consumed with eating Twisties reading Mansfield Park to prepare myself for #65, the reading of my next unread book, Murder at Mansfield Park.

I also never came through with the cupcakes I promised this week, either, because it's been a mental week. For that I apologise. I also apologise to myself because I probably would have preferred to eat cupcakes than Twisties! I guess that also means I'll have to bake some this weekend, because next weekend I'm out of town for a work thingie, and I can't let #1 (declaring my 29th year to be Year of the Cupcake) beat me so soon!

Hang ten and I shall post on something I cooked for The Daring Kitchen, a website which issues you with cooking and baking challenges. I have signed up for the cooking challenges and not the baking ones, because I am not as naturally inclined to challenge myself with savoury meals as I am with delectable desserts. This month's theme was southern Indian cuisine, and was very different to anything I have made before. If you have a bit of time up your sleeve you should try out the recipes.

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