Sunday, 7 August 2011

101 Things Update - Week 4

Just checking in, even though not a lot has gone down in the last week. I'm just trying to make blogging a weekly habit for me. Apparently blog readers are creatures of habit and like to know when you'll be updating, so I'll be aiming for Sundays.

#24 - to blog at least twice a month for a year... seems to be on track

#35 - to exercise four times per week in the lead-up to the wedding... did really well this week! Check out my progress here. And note that whilst I really am sorry you probably can't read all of the right hand side of the table, if I make it any smaller you won't be able to read the writing. Unless I shrink the columns... hmm, maybe next week...

#49 - to lose 1kg per month until under 75kg (but above 70kg)... I ate a lot of random stuff this week that weren't really conducive to weight loss, but I also exercised 4 times (twice at the gym and twice at home), plus did a fair bit of incidental exercise. As a result I lost 1kg. So even if I lose nothing else for the rest of the month, I'm on track. Huzzah!

#65 - to read all my unread books before buying more... two down (hehe. Sort of), thirteen to go!

Sorry this week wasn't so exciting for y'all. But next week I promise there will be cupcakes...

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