Sunday, 31 July 2011

101 Things Update - Week 3

Well, this week was a total bust. Nearly. Besides keeping up the calcium tablets (borrrrrrrring) and finishing Three Cups of Tea (which I am about to write a post on... so I might post this after I have posted that so that I can link it to this... (later: Done! Linked!)), the whole exercising four days a week thing totally went out the window because I had a cold all week. And we all know what my reaction to being unable to exercise is - drown my sorrows in food! Yeah, I know, I'm so unbelievably smart... S-M-R-T!

So I've decided that a little bit of public humiliation might help me along. I know I'm crazy for doing this, but I'm going to add another tab to track my food and my exercise in the hope that it keeps me honest. The jury is still out on whether I will post my weight and/or measurements... Perhaps I shall post them as "today I weighed X" (literally using the letter X) and then the following week post "today I weight X minus . Could work. If I decide I hate doing it or I'm too embarrassed by it I can always delete the page.

Actually, I just realised that I DID exercise this week - I shovelled a ute load of 20mm aggregate over my mum's driveway and worked up quite a sweat doing it. So, it wasn't a dead loss!

Aaaaaaaanyway, besides finishing my first of fifteen unread books, it also occurred to me that I have been going great guns in the blog posting department, and so I might highlight that in green and start counting them.

So, in summary:

#35: To exercise 4 times a week in the lead-up to the wedding - more or less a total bust, with the exception of weilding a shovel to resurface my mum's driveway to stop her slipping over and twisting her OTHER ankle

#24: To blog at least twice a month for a year - Well, considering I have racked up a blistering EIGHT (including this one) posts this month - a record for me - I'm off to a good start. And even if I don't do it twice a month exactly, I can still claim that I averaged twice a month. So I'm fairly confident that I can highlight this one in green now

#65: To read all my unread books before buying more - One down, fourteen to go.

#49: To lose 1kg per month until under 75kg but over 70kg - it just occurred to me that if I'm planning on meticulously counting my exercise and food in a public forum, that I may as well commit to losing the weight along with it. They logically go hand in hand, really. And my jeans are getting a little tight after my birthday week and then my week of no exercise...

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