Saturday, 16 July 2011

101 Things Update - Week 1

Hi everyone! *waves*

Just thought I'd update you on how my 101 Things are going. I've got a few of them on the go and none of them complete, which is okay for Week 1, I think!

#35: Exercising 4 times a week each week up until the wedding - I hit our lovely little gym in Kerang 3 times this week and did about 35 mins of cardio and at least another 20 mins of light weights, crunches, squats and lunges. Ouch. And I discovered that I am totally retarded at using a cross trainer. If you haven't tried to use one and are judging me for my apalling lack of coordination, then you are juding me pre-emptively because the movement is completely unnatural and I know of at least two people who agree with me!

I also hiked walked today at Werribee Gorge, and whilst it wasn't the hardest hike walk known to man, I do think it counts as exercise because there was sweat involved. Which I guess means that lying spreadeagled on the loungeroom floor watching TV with the fan blowing on you eating icy-poles on a hot day in the vain hope that you will cool down and stop sweating also technically counts as exercise... works for me!

(Note the altered terminology - it's to prove a point to somebody. You know who you are!)

#45: Taking calicium tablets each day - So far, so good. I can't quite remember what day I posted this list, although I think it was a Saturday night, and I think I procured the tablets on the Sunday (I got the ones with Vitamin D in them, to aid absorption. Go me!) and started taking the tablets on the Monday so I've only missed one day. Not bad. Remind me at some point to post a photograph of an X-Ray of my mum's spine so that you understand why I'm so paranoid about this...

#65: To read my unread books before buying any more - I have commenced reading my first unread book and have realised I'd get more reading done if I didn't spend so much time at the gym, but my health is my priority here. The first book on my list is called Three Cups of Tea by David Oliver Relin and is more or less a biography of trauma nurse/mountaineer/humanitarian Greg Mortensen. So far, so good. I'll write a proper post about it when I'm done.

#79: Using up the dregs of my beauty products - This is again one that will remain "in progress" for quite some time. I'm not exactly sure when I will declare myself successful, but I do know that so far I have finished a night cream, an old shampoo, an old travel conditioner and am making an effort to regularly wear mascara so that I can use all the different ones I have up.

You'd be amazed at how many mascaras I have - there's the ones (two, actually, because I already had one, and then someone bought another one as a gift for me after mistakenly thinking that I wanted it and not that I already had it) that give you super-fat lashes; There's waterproof one (because I used to assume that it would rain, or that I would somehow sweat so hard that it would run, which, phht, if you're going to sweat that hard whilst wearing mascara then you're probably at the gym after a day at work, and if you're willing to sweat and puff and pant and grunt in a really unflattering manner in front of strangers then it probably doesn't make much difference to your appearance to have sweated mascara half way down your face!); There's the non-waterproof one from the day I had a revelation and realised how brittle and stiff the waterproof ones make your eyelashes; And then, of course, I made the transition to a cheap but awesome Revlon one that Ness had in her handbag the day that I forgot to apply mascara before Al's wedding. To be clear, I didn't steal her mascara - I merely went and bought my own one shortly afterwards because I liked it.

Tonight, my plans will be furthered by using up some sample face washes.

Anyway, that's it from me. Not terribly exciting, I know, but meh... too bad! You may get lucky and see a post about a cake in the next couple of days, but you also may not. Cos I can be a bit lazy like that...

See ya!


  1. Even *I* didn't consider that a hike. So no point proving required!! Perhaps I should specify a minimum number of kilometres so that you don't need to resort to strikethrough in the future?? ;)

    Why would you want super fat eyelashes? Yo no comprendo...

  2. Yeah, 79 is a good one. Unofficially, I'm trying to do the same thing. Harder than it sounds!


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