Saturday, 1 October 2011

Gnocchi with Burnt Butter and Tomato

Well, well, well! As luck would have it, the AWW have kindly put ANOTHER of the recipes I have recently used on their website. This means that I don't have to copy it out of a book - AWW Cook - that is in Adelaide. I did actually copy it onto the back of a boarding pass so I could blog about it, but seem to have lost the boarding pass. Knowing me, it was the one time I threw "rubbish" out and it's gone. But it doesn't matter! Because here's the link!

Again, I didn't take photos of this, except for of the final product. I only made half the quantity, which made three generous serves (generous based on stomach capacity, not based on the quantity on your plate - gnocchi is very filling!), and have frozen the rest of the dough. I'll let you know how well it freezes at some point in the future. The recipe says that it is not suitable for freezing, but that may apply to the finished product, or perhaps to the un-boiled product. Who knows. And who knows what "suitable" means - it may also mean that it just comes out a bit watery/separated, like many defrosted things do.

As was expected, it was a little fiddy but not at all difficult. I had heard it was hard but it wasn't. I had heard that it could go horribly wrong - heavy and gluggy - and it didn't. The only thing I would suggest is that you peel your potatoes first because if you only have a crappy plastic masher that bends very easily, you'll have quite a bit of trouble getting a fine consistency when you mash your potatoes if they still have skins on.

I'd call this a weekend dish - do it when you have time. It's kind of fun and gives you a sense of achievement.

Serve with plenty of parmesan. I also added extra basil cos I luvz it.


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