Tuesday, 26 August 2014

100 Days of Awesome: Days 73 -94 - Uh, oops.

So the main thing that happened that stopped me from documenting the everyday awesomeness of my life is that 1) I have been participating in VEDA, that is, Vlogging Every Day of August (you can check out my YouTube channel here), which has taken up all my spare time; and 2) life has been pretty flipping awesome every day and I have been too busy living it and enjoying it to spend much time here.
On top of that, work has been really busy, which is pretty motivating for me. I hate it when working days drag by, but if I'm honest it's those days that drag that I have time to blog at lunchtime. For the last three weeks I haven't really had a lunchtime, thus no blogging. But when things are fast-paced, I get a lot done and I feel valuable and capable and all of those other good things.
Plus, The Kiwi insists on hanging around... which works out pretty well for me, because I really like having him around :) Various adventures from the last few weeks include a little hike in the You Yangs, dinner with friends, and a weekend away in Tasmania. That was a pretty awesome weekend away, actually. I saw lots of friends, went to my friend Katie's engagement party and hit the town afterwards for one of my standard 4am Tassie Saturday nights, did a hike to Liffey Falls, showed The Kiwi my old job site, and just generally had an awesome weekend.
So anyway, if today is Day 94 then there's only 6 days to go here, and thank heavens for that. And when the 100 Days of Awesome is over, I'm trying to get back to my food focus of old. Which is a little contradictory for my current weight loss goals, but hey, you win some you lose some.
My macro lens is also off for repair, so I'll finally be able to take half-decent photos of my baking creations again!
Lastly, exciting news - my BFF Ness and I are off to India in 19 days for an adventure. We haven't travelled together since 2005/6 and I'm really looking forward to it.
Better leave it here - it's past my bed time.
Night all!

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  1. I love vlogs! Glad I got to hear your wonderful accent! 19 days in India - what an adventure!


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