Thursday, 27 March 2014

Days 8 & 9 - Battling Insanity

I didn't write yesterday because I couldn't be stuffed, and also because I didn't have time. I had recognised that I am beginning to struggle a bit, and to feel like a patient (by which I mean, a sick person and not someone who is here "just in case"). Little things like asking people to pass me things when I can do it perfectly well myself. It really does get into your head.
So to combat this, and also to help prevent any further weight gain (I have added about 2kg to my pre-hospital weight, which is really pissing me off!), I've decided to add a bit more structure to my day.
For starters, every day from here until the surgery - whenever that may be - I will walk at least 80 laps of the ward. That's 6km.
On top of that, I'm going to do a bit of work every day. I mean, I have to pay my mortgage somehow, so I might as well have the triple benefit of being paid and of exercising my mind, which also leads to me feeling like a productive member of society.
Next, I'm not going to eat things at mealtimes that I wouldn't normally eat at home. That means I'll be eating bread a maximum of once per day (as opposed to three times a day as I was for the first week or so that I was here), not drinking juice (ditto) and avoiding pasta, rice and potato. I guess when it's put there in front of you, it's kind of automatic to eat it. I'm stocking up big on salads and veggies, trying to keep the meals a bit lighter, and go easy on the desserts and chocolates. I have enough chocolate from my friends to last me until next year, so whilst I'm loving that I now have a stash, it's also quite the test for me!
Lastly, I'm aiming to be in bed by 10:30pm. The first week I stayed here, I was pretty much staying up to midnight or 1am, just because I could, and because I knew I had nothing to do the next day. That meant the next day I would be lethargic, not do anything, eat too much sugar, etc., etc. Viscious circle. 
So yesterday, this plan went really, really well. I walked my 80 laps in record time and with unprecedented enthusiasom, did about three hours' work, and despite the fact I only had one visitor I was in pretty good spirits. I also polished of the one and only (boooo!) season of my guilty viewing pleasure - GCB. It's amazing that what I just listed pretty much filled my day, but it did. That, and writing emails.

Today, I didn't do so well. I did my 80 laps, Brad visited and brought me bananas and toothpaste at my request, Rachel visited and brought me cupcakes, and Viv visited and brought me non-alcoholic cocktails to continue our Thursday night drinks tradition. It was great seeing all three of them. I texted a couple of friends, laughed at the suckers caught out in the rain, then pouted when the sun came out and it became apparent that the temperature had risen. All of these things kept me quite occupied, and I felt like I was going to have a productive evening doing a bit of work.
But then I discovered Game of Thrones.
I thought, "I'll just watch one episode and then do something useful", and it was all over red rover. I ate more cupcakes than I ought to have (they were mini ones which makes it okay... right??), whilst utterly glued to my laptop screen. I'm not sure whether it's because I like medieval-type stuff, or horses, or manly men, or because, er, it's been a while and there is prolific nudity and copulation, but I'm quite enjoying what my teenaged cousin referred to as "high-quality medieval porn". That's a thing now ;)
So now it is evening, and I'm feeling pretty gross from the cupcakes. But I've watched four episodes so far, and I'm going to watch another two before bed. I know I should ration them out, but I cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn't! It's harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!
(No more cupcakes, though!)
And if you tell me what happens before I get around to watching it, I shall set the direwolves upon thee!


  1. haha! I've never seen game of thrones, but I imagine I would do the same thing!

    80 laps - so impressive! How do you keep track?

    1. Sometimes very poorly! I usually do it in sets of ten, and change direction every ten laps so I don't get dizzy, so that makes it easier. I may or may not also use my fingers to count ;)


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