Sunday, 23 March 2014

Day Five - Nothing To See Here

No, really. I mean it.

Today was borrrrrring.

I got a pretty good sleep, which was good. '

My roomate finally got good news - she got to go home today. She was so excited, which was kind of infectious for twelve point eight seconds, but that's about it.

I had a shower.

I discovered when I had said shower - mercifully before I actually got undressed and dumped my discarded clothes in a puddle on the floor - that the PJs Ness had brought in for me yesterday had been on sale because some dodgy bastard had replaced the sizes in a box marked Size 14, resulting in a top that was a 16 (I'm more like a 12) and bottoms that were an 8. The last time I was a Size 8 was in September of 1991 at my Gramps' funeral, and I know that because I remember shopping for a black skirt, which quickly became too small for me.

I washed my hair, which was exciting, using shampoo that Ness brought me yesterday *shakes hair about like in a Pantene ad*

I was smirked at by my nurse when she asked if the doctor had been, because when she asked which doctor had been by yesterday I said "I dunno. He's tall. And pretty fit... but he's married" and she gave me this knowing look like she'd had the exact same thoughts about him, so now that's our little joke. She was all "I didn't say a word!". She didn't have to. (Yep, you really can't take me anywhere!)

And then I sat there and did prrrrrrrrrretty much nothing all morning, and for part of the afternoon.

Well, I mean, I Facebooked, but that doesn't really count because I didn't actually update my status because everything was soooooo borrrrring!!!

I also wrote an email to a guy I've been chatting with on RSVP (yep, it's out there now - I'm online dating! And it's actually kind of a cool way to meet people, and also very logical. You singles should totally try it!). He's been really good with keeping me entertained while I'm in here, and he emailed me a picture of storm clouds at the beach he took the other day, and it was pretty awesome being able to see the big, open outdoor spaces again. I miss it.

My friend Abby, who I have known since the year that I was last a Size 8, came by for a good, long visit and chat and brightened my day up. Abby brightens almost any day up, because she's so bubbly. Love her to bits.

Abby left, and at about 4:45pm I decided that I should probably actually do something with my day, so I peeled myself off the bed, put my sneakers on and smashed out 40 laps of the ward in half an hour. That's 3km, so I was setting a pretty decent pace.

I coordinated arriving back in my room quite nicely with my dinner arriving. I was just hoeing into desert when Brad showed up with a tablet PC stocked with some TV shows that I'm a little embarassed to admit that I watch. I'm blaming the fact I watch them on having taken an international flight, making my way through half a season and being left hanging, wondering what would happen next. Except that I kind of know what happens next, in a way, a long way down the track... but not the details!

While Brad was here, Renee and her boyfriend Mark showed up. I only met Renee a couple of months ago, so it's really great that she came. She's a friend of a friend and has been coming along to our 1000 Steps climb on Friday nights, and the funny thing is that Brad also does the 1000 Steps with me, but neither of them have ever met. So I guess the weeks he has been able to make it she has not, and vice versa. They were finally in one place at the same time, and I guilted them for not doing the 1000 Steps in my name on Friday. Hopefully they do it for me next Friday... *pouts*

Renee and Mark brought me a Melbourne Heart keyring (which is one of Melbourne's A-league soccer teams), which was awesome of them and amused me no end. I felt like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz :) They left as it was growing dark, and I watched the sunset for a while - which was really pretty - and then I decided to write this.

In the meantime, friends of mine were Snap Chatting me pictures from a birthday party for my housemate that I had tried to organise, and then obviously not been able to follow through on. Tonight's dinner was classically bad hospital food (although I did get jelly and ice cream - orange, this time!), so the pictures of fairy bread at the party were actually appreciated. Particularly as they reminded me that Al had brought me a packet of chocolate freckles from Haighs the other night :)

And that was my day.

Besides the friends visiting this afternoon - which was awesome - it was just such an uninspiring and unproductive day. This is the part where being in hospital starts to get to me, and I start to lose my grip on feeling like a productive member of society. Tonight is the 36th night I have spent in hospital for my heart since being diagnosed in 2008, and that's a lot of downtime.

So tomorrow, I need to do things.

I'm going to try for 9km around the ward. After all, it's the last chance I'll get to do it before surgery, so I'm going to make the most of it.

I'm going to go through my work email inbox and delete 500 messages. I've been with my company for almost eight years, and there are about 7000 emails in my inbox. I imagine that there are quite a few in that number that I was just too lazy to delete, or which I no longer require access to, it's just that I never really got around to doing anything about it.

And I'm going to read a chapter of my book.

And that's it, but that's plenty. It's amazing how time simultaneously moves so slowy and yet quickly. It's boring, but you blink and it's gone. Perhaps, because there's no stimulation, my brain just doesn't take the time to remember, so it seems shorter once the time has elapsed. Who knows.

May tomorrow bring more visitors, more stimulation, and more cute boys. Preferably all three, perhaps even in one package...


  1. Well tomorrow will bring me and brownies, so there's...IDK, like one and a half out of three?? Maybe we can grapevine/disco dance/skip around the ward rather than walking, just for something different ;) Maybe not skip though, that might make the nursing staff nervous...


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