Friday, 18 May 2012

Weird Bloggy Dreams

So, it's agreed that I'm a bit of a freak, right? Right. Well it gets better. And kind of nerdier.

Last night, something happened that was simultaneously the best dream ever and also my worst nightmare -  I had a dream that Ree Drummond, AKA Pioneer Woman, had mentioned a comment I had made on this post and linked it up to my blog. Tens of thousands of people then clicked on the link and saw what a sad and unprofessional state my blog is in. Some liked it, and some did not.

This dream woke me up, and it actually took me a couple of hours to get back to sleep! It has prompted me to think a bit harder about housekeeping, branding, filing etc. Don't expect any changes any time soon, but I'm beginning to think of it along the same lines as I think of my room - if I were to die tomorrow and someone (or, worse still, several people) had to go through it, what would they think???

So, let the plotting begin...


  1. I hardly ever go to the front page of my blog... but I did do some clean up recently THANK GOD cause I had an influx of visitors and wasn't embarrassed that I hadn't dusted.

    1. I never was much good at housekeeping. Maybe it's one of those "practice makes perfect" propositions cos it would explain why I suck at it. Like the cleaning, perhaps it's time to bring the professionals in...


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