Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Seriously Dorky Things To Get Excited About #1

First up, I put the "#1" up there in the title because I am quite sure there will be many more dorky things that I feel the need to announce to the blogosphere that I am excited about. I'm good with sharing public humiliation like that. This is a safe space, dawg!

(Don't ask me why I just got all gangsta on yo' asses [I spelled it the American way because that's how it sounds in my head in this particular sentence, but the Americans out there need to know that it's making my head explode because an ass is a donkey and not at all related to one's gluteal muscles, and that sentence makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. Unless I intend to locate your donkeys and pop a cap in their... arses]. It's probably just an attempt to deflect attention from the dorky announcement I am about to make.)

The announcement is that as of today, my number of followers from the interwebs now outweighs the number of my IRL friends who follow me!!!

See, I told you that was dorky. Especially when people like Kirsti (who, btw, is a friend IRL who started blogging a couple of months after I did) have just topped 100 followers. But given that I spend an infinitesimal amount of time tending to this blog and being part of the blogging community, I can't say I'm surprised. Much more important things call my attention. Like gardening. Like cake decorating courses. Like going to the pub with the boys from work for a parma. Like baking, taking photos of it and forgetting to post the recipe because I'm too busy scoffing it. Like trying to work off the weight I gained in hospital (which is not at allllll related to the last three items on the list...). Like trying to prevent mum's house from descening into chaos. Like going to yoga (or, as I like to call it, yoghurt). Like watching re-runs of The OC - Lordy, how I love the OC!

So thankyou, new followers and IRL friends alike. I <3 you guys!

Yep, dorky things get me excited :)


  1. HAHA! I love seeing a new "follower" on my blog. I think I started out with 3 and it's slowly increased. Still not quite at your IRL friends target. HA!

    1. Haha isn't it funny how we crave acceptance from people we've never even met! I think the magic number is thirteen or so - I'm not sure why but after that the numbers begin to rise on their own.

  2. Hi! Congrats on your number of followers! Thank you for stopping by my page and saying "hello". I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

  3. Hey, Ness.
    I have just caught up with this blog (last read at end of March). Very happy to see you're still with us and well recovered from slice 'n dice. Don't worry about being a bit (or a lot) crazy, try having a good toke every now & then.

  4. My drug of choice is cupcakes :) Seems to do the job! PS - crazy can be a little fun. Gives you an excuse to behave irresponsibly ;)


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