Sunday, 1 August 2010

Catchup from the old Esplanade place #1

As you may or may not recall, some time ago I began emptying the pantry. Check out the link for the "before" shot, and here is the after shot. It's not as empty as I had hoped, but believe me when I say I used a LOT of stuff from it! There were these super-cute mini mud muffins...
...which contained terrifying quantities of oil!
Oh, and here's a gem I found in the very back of the fridge, behind the jars of garlic and jam and chutney - half a can of passionfruit pulp from some passionfruit yo-yo biscuits (or, Melting Moments for you South Aussies) that I made at Christmas last year.

And here's the scary part - what it looked like. Specifically, the fact that it had no mould on it at all. The dehydration was to be expected, but the fact that it was basically passionfruit concentrate was not. Seven months in the fridge, and not a mould to be seen. Freaky. I checked out the ingredients, and no preservatives! Just passionfruit and sugar. Maybe they should try marketing passionfruit pulp as an antiseptic. Oh, and don't be judging me about the fact it was still in there!!!Also scary was - is - the packet of grated mozzarella that I haven't touched in probably 3 months, and which is still fine. I haven't investigated the preservative content of it, but I'm not sure I want to!
Here's another yummy creation from cupboard - chocolate lace crisps (they didn't ask long).

Other creations included beef and barley soup, polenta with currants (sweet, made with milk, for breakfast), pastiso, berry cobbler, plum cobbler aaaaaand some more Whatever Biscuits.
Stay tuned for a walk-through of the old house by the sea, to be followed by a walk-through of the new house (eventually. I need to make sure everything's put away before I start waving a camera about the place!). And whatever else takes my fancy in the meantime (which will probably include some baked goods).
Hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. I think the oil is less terrifying when you think that it would be replaced by butter/egg normally - oil is still fat, but at least not artery-hardening... The muffins look yum though!

    You know what freaks me out the most about that passionfruit? That it's made by JOHN WEST. Truly, I thought he just made tinned fish. I don't like the juxtaposition with tinned fruit. Oh, and sugar is a preservative ( Lucky they didn't use brine instead, like tuna...


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