Saturday, 15 May 2010

Emptying the pantry

I realised the other day that my lease expires on the 12th of June. There are several problems with that. One, I don't know where I will live next, or where I will work next for that matter! Two, I love the house I am living in (I promise I will walk you through it before I leave). And three, I have a hell of a lot of food in my cupboards that I don't really want to pack up and move.
So I have taken it upon myself to eat my way through it over the next three or four weeks. In many instances that will involve me baking something and then feeding it to others, but a lot of it will end up in my tummy. I did, however, wisely concede defeat in regards to the following items, in the certain knowledge I would never get through them on my own, and put them in a box in the lunch room at work for the vultures to attack (it was empty in about three hours):
- 1 full bag jasmine rice
- 1 bag pasta spirals
- two boxes cup-o-soup
- one thai noodle soup sachet
- two jars bruschetta topping (came in a hamper! Didn't buy it!)
- one jar quince jam (ditto)
- one can of baked beans (there are more in there but I'll keep them until stumps in case I run out of other forms of nourishment)
- one packet asian style fried rice (I have no idea why I bought this. I never eat fried rice and if I did I'm pretty sure I would have made it from scratch from the dregs in my cupboards!)
- four packets of pasta mixes (e.g. alfredo, carbonara)
I threw in the towel after I realised that just one packet of pasta lasted me five meals, and that was AFTER I accidentally tipped half of into the sink whilst draining it!

So I am now making it my mission to use up everything in the cupboards and the fridge before I move out (which may actually be before the 12th of June). I am finding it difficult so far to create savoury meals out of just what is in the cupboard, but baked goods are easy. I think it's because they don't require fresh ingredients.

Anyway, wish me luck, and if you happen to be lucky enought to work with me you'll probably be on the receiving end of a lot of what is to follow! Also, please don't judge me when we get to the end of this little experiment and I'm eating some seriously weird meals...

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