Saturday, 20 July 2013


Another year has passed. It went by so quickly, and I don't know how. So much, and yet so little, has happened. I'm not sure whether it's birthdays or the turn of the new year that makes me take stock more, but both seem to have a similar effect. Last year I was freaking out about turning 30 and it turns out there was nothing to be afraid of. It's actually a little bit liberating when you're smashing up all the expectations people have of you this age. That keeps me entertained enough to stave off my fears about it, anyhow!
So what happened last year?
On this weekend last year I was motivated enough to particpate in the Run Melbourne 5k event. I raised $1080 for the Victor Chang Cardiac Reasearch Institute, and if I'm honest, I ran very little of it. But I had trained, which was a big step for me. In hindsight, less than 16 weeks post-pacemaker implant it was a little ambitious.
In September I took some time out to find my mojo, and spent nine weeks travelling. Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, then Vegas, Pensylvania and New York, the UK, Kenya and Tanzania. Wow. I saw so many incredible things and met some pretty incredible people. I'll tell some stories here, once I get around to sorting those photos out.
I went back to work up on the Murray after I got home, only to discover that I had left my mojo stowed safely in the overhead compartment of the plane, some place in the world... but that's probably because I felt more or less redundant when I got back. Partly my own doing and partly not, but that's old news.
In March I moved down to Tasmania for work and, Tassie jokes aside, I actually quite like it here and there are no signs of a second head growing. I like the people I'm working with; the job is challenging without stuffing with my head too much; I've made some friends *neglects to mention they're mostly somehow attached to my favourite bar*; and the scenery is beautiful. Yes, even the sub-zero starts to the day and the snow are okay. Which I guess is easy for me to say when I spend a lot of my day in the car! I found my work mojo down here in the arse end of the country and it has given me the opportunity to develop some new skills.

In mid-May my personal mojo started to come back, too, and I started looking after myself a little better. Things seemed more managable. Life got a little bit more interesting.
In June I joined a gym, and have actually really been enjoying the challenge. It makes me think a little bit harder about making healthy choices, and about what I want for myself.
And those healthier choices are not to say there hasn't been an abundance of food, good food, yummy food! I'm just mostly making smarter choices outside of meal times, and smarter choices in what I choose to do with my time. The obvious exception is that tonight I'm going out for Mexican to celebrate, which probably isn't the smartest choice but it is certainly up there on the list of delicious choices! For now, I'll leave you with some pictures of things you will see in the coming months - both places I have been and recipes I have cooked whilst the cobwebs have been growing here on my blog.
In the meantime, I'm off at the end of next week to visit the very sweet Carole and her niece Tiffany from Toot Sweet 4 Two and spend some time warming up in San Diego as they celebrate their first Bloggoversary. I met them in Vegas last year on the last night of Bloggy Boot Camp, and last month Carole invited me over for their party on the offchance I could come. Seeing as how I need to thaw out a little, I said sure, why not! I'm super-excited :)
As to the next year, well who knows what new adventures await me. I figure, for all the negativity I've waded through in the last year I've also made some new friends, reinforced old friendships, been to all sorts of places, seen all sorts of things and learnt all sorts of things about myself and about people in general. So if the next year has even a fraction of that positive stuff from the last year, I'll still be doing okay. Here's to 31!
Harba Tasting Plate for 2, Harba Oyster Bar & Grill, Mornington

Loch Ness Monster topiary in one of the mazes, Tree Surfing, Mornington Peninsula
View across Arthurs Lake, Tasmania, from my work site

My first Pho, Springvale, Victoria. At least I think that's what it's called...
Beach near Binalong Bay (I think!), Bay of Fires, Tasmania
Sang choy bao (or however you want to spell it this week)

Coconut-crumbed fish soft-shell tacos with salsa and creamy honey-cider dressing
Tiramisu. Sort of. Let's just say there was a failed sponge cake involved and it seemed a waste not to use it!
Pea and ham soup
Earthworks cake!
Hand-painted frog biscuits!
Macaroons. That's macarOOns, not macarOns. Accidentally coffee-flavoured but they turned out really nicely!
Losing my venison virginity!

 Cataract Gorge, Launceston, Tasmania

Roasted pork shoulder, The George, Kyneton, Victoria
Belgian Chocolate Somethingtrulydelicious, The George, Kyneton, Victoria 
My birthday cupcakes!
Schnitzel - a birthday gift from my Austrian friend. And now I know the secret to a great schnitty!

Also, I'm a little freaked out right now. Google just said happy birthday to me... which would be because I'm also logged into Blogger right now so it has my details, but it still freaked me out!
 Happy birthday to me :)


  1. Wait, you're going WHERE next week?!?!?!?!?!?! HOW HAVE YOU NOT MENTIONED THIS TO ME BEFORE??????????????

    1. Yes, I realised I'd only mentioned it to the people who were sitting directly around me at my birthday dinner. You're not the only one I neglected. I'm sorry!

      (also, I have your cherry chapsticks but haven't gotten around to posting them yet)

  2. Hope you had a nice birthday! You've done so much in the past year, can't wait to see what happens in the next year. Have a good time "state side". It is a bit warmer here than your sub zero :) Your food pictures are making me hungry and I just ate lunch. And the scenery there makes me want to leisurely waltz around that beautiful country of yours.

    1. I had a fantastic birthday and a great trip. It was nice to thaw out for a while! And yes, food really does feature heavily in my life (it's actually a little embarrassing going through my iPhone photo album and seeing what proportion of pictures are food!), and I try to make it darned good food at all times :)


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