Monday, 11 March 2013

Mango and Peach Sorbet

You may recall that I got the ice cream maker attachment for my Kenwood for Christmas. The first thing I made with it was raspberry sorbet, and, having neither the time nor the inclination to faff about with making an egg-cream-custardy-thing to make proper ice cream out of, or to then do something with the egg whites, I decided to make sorbet again yesterday instead of branching out into the grown-up world of proper ice cream. After all, Melbourne is in the middle of ANOTHER week of 30oC+ and I ain't turning no stove nor no oven on for nobody!
Sorbet it is. Locate fruit, sugar, liquid of some sort and food processor. Whizz together. And this one's even better than the raspberry sorbet because this time there was no boiling of sugar syrup. Huzzah!
1 ripe mango, peeled, pitted, chopped
2 ripe peaches, peeled, pitted, chopped
1/4c lime juice (that's about the juice of 1.5 limes)
3 heaped tablespoons of icing sugar
Whizz it all up in the food processor until smooth. If it's not cool, which it will be if the fruit was in the fridge, chill it.
Jump into your Tardis, put the bowl of your ice cream maker in the freezer 24 hours ago (if that's the sort of unit you have, like I do), then come back to the present day and remove it from the freezer and set it up.
This is where I say "freeze according to ice cream maker manufacturers' instructions" but in my case, turn your Kenwood/other inferior machine on, pour the puree in and leave it going for half an hour to 45 minutes.
Once again I got quite a soft sorbet but I'm imagining that when I pull the leftovers out the freezer tonight I will discover that it is quite solid. (Note: they were. I had to leave them out for ages before I could get the spoon through!)
You can add more or less icing sugar to taste, but the amount there was just enough to balance the lime juice and let the mango shine. This was originally supposed to be all-mango but SOMEONE ate the other mango (and it wasn't me, y'all!). Nonetheless I think it was better this way - the peach made it not-terribly-mangoey but sort of supported the flavour without overpowering it. If that makes sense.
I can't say which is my favourite because I am inherently biased towards raspberry but it doesn't seem fair to choose the quality of a recipe on what my favourite flavour happens to be, so... if you want something tart and refreshing, possibly to accompany a chocolatey dessert (although it is damned fine on its own), go with the raspberry. If you want to lounge about eating sorbet on a summer's eve then go with the mango (and it has also occurred to me that I could just serve it in a glass and add a splosh (bigger than a splash) of rum to it, just for kicks).


  1. Hi I just found your lovely blog and I'm going to make the Raspberries spiked brownie to day.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      Those brownies are divine. Even though mine always turn out sticky, a friend of mine makes them, too, and hers are perfect. Raspberry + dark chocolate = WIN!

  2. This looks like spoonfuls of heaven! When there is no longer snow on the ground here, this is going to be one of the first things going into the ice cream maker!

    1. It's so easy, too. You could probably even cheat and use tinned mango, provided it was drained well enough.

      That's the tough bit about some of my favourite blogs being based in the northern hemisphere - I see all these amazing puddings and stews while it's summer here, but I want to eat them immediately!

  3. Oh that looks fantastic. That is my favorite fruit combination!

    1. It's funny, because I hated mango for years. And then I went on a holiday to Thailand, and suddenly I couldn't stop thinking about coconut rice pudding with mango. No lime there, but I think it could be improved with a little lime zest. Hmm, maybe I need to have a play in the kitchen...


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