Saturday, 31 March 2012

101 Things Update - March 2012

Ahoy-hoy! It's been a couple of months since my last update, and what a last couple of months it has been! Not so much in terms of ticking things off my 101 Things list (although that was certainly a factor), but because I've been on my arse for the last 3 weeks after having a pacemaker implanted. And you'd think that with all that time off work, I would have had more time to blog. But as it turns out, there are more important things to do than blogging. Like taking strong painkillers. And sleeping. Not that I'm promoting prescription drug abuse or slothful behaviour! Just sayin'...

To the update!

#1 - Year of the Cupcake: Two further cupcakes were made; gluten free vanilla cupcakes filled with whipped chocolate ganache, and Irish soda bread cupcakes with whiskey frosting for St Patrick's Day (no link as post is sheduled, but click on "cake" and you should find it easily enough)

#17 - Make croquembouche: Easy peasy Japanesey (and when I think about it, that's a really dumb saying because the Japanese are well known for their technological prowess and there's nothing easy peasy about that at all...)! Done and dusted, eaten, delicious.

#24 - Blog at least twice a month for a year. Well I've blown that one out of the water, with 77 posts since I committed to that! Mind you, I think two or three of them are unfinished drafts and 3 or 4 are scheduled posts, but for all intents and purposes I can say I have at least tripled my goal. Go me!

#26 - Research camera lenses - & #27 - Buy said camera lens: Done. I have a 60mm f/2 macro lens. The kind people at Camera House on Elizabeth Street gave me $114 off the lens, $5 off a filter and 1000 free prints over the next year (note: this is an unsponsored plug. I was happy with their service so I'm telling you about it! And it's probably worth mentioning I was happy with their service before they gave me free stuff, not because they did). It was odd because I'd decided that day that I would be parting company with approximately $500 of hard-earned cash, but it took three shops to prise it loose from me. Both Michael's and Ted's Cameras offered disappointing service; the salespeople were very much just salespeople, and not at all interested in educating me or reassuring me that I was making the right choice, or even letting me try the lens out. That's a sure-fire way to lose my custom.

#64 - Read all my unread books. I've polished off a few more, including Possession, The Rings of Saturn and Bombproof. I haven't written about them all yet, though. Watch this space.

#67 - Watch Gone With The Wind: Loved it. Have a tiny little crush on Clark Gable - I always did have a thing for men with mischievous smiles and a bit of life about them! Not sure about the moustache, mind you. If you have a spare three and a half hours, watch it. It didn't feel like it was that long to me, although that may have been because I was watching it with friends and we would chat occasionally... oh yeah, plus we were eating the whole time! Actually, let's call it feasting. It makes it sound more leisurely and less gluttonous. There were also some parts that were quite unexpectedly funny, usually involving Clark Gable and his eyebrows.

#77 - Print great photos and frame them: Partial credit. Thanks to the free prints from Camera House I have started sorting my photos out and printing them. Framing won't happen any time soon, but it's a work in progress.

And that's about it for this month.  Catch you next month (or, more likely, the one after)!


  1. I especially can't believe how well you've done with the cupcakes - amazing variety!!

    I know what you mean about bad service at camera places, too. The last lens I bought was my single most expensive purchase of my life (aside from one car)... you need to feel like you've chosen the best shop, right?

    How many things are left on your 101 list? It seems like you must almost be there :-D

    1. It seems that way, but I've only completely checked 13 off :( Mind you, there are a further 23 on the boil, and a LOT of the rest of them involve travel, so I guess it's just a matter of planning my holidays carefully over the next 2 or so years. So I think I might get a little bit cheaty and do some easy ones to make me feel better :)


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