Sunday, 22 January 2012

Responses to comments on "Mountains and Choppers and Doctors - Oh, My!"

For some reason that continues to allude me, Blogger is being a bitch and won't let me comment on my previous post on my hiking-trip-gone-wrong, which means that I have no way of acknowledging peoples' comments. So here's my way around it:

@Kirsti - I don't see why I should try to look less thrilled when I **am** thrilled ;) Well, obviously not thrilled to be in the situation where I **have** to be air lifted, but thrilled that, given the circumstances, I am not only surrounded by skilled medical professionals but I also get to ride in a plane/helicopter. Wheeeeeee!!!!!! :) Also, bike? Yes, please!

@Kat - Yeah, I'm not super-excited at the prospect of going under the knife and not coming out of it with a brand-new pair of b00bs! I'm also a bit concerned that Zappy the Second will do a lot more pacing and therefore be much more of a presence in my consciousness, but I guess I'll cross that bridge if/when I come to it. But at present, feeling cruddy like I am and worrying all the time, I'm kind of looking forward to it (albeit in a somewhat apprehensive manner).

@Katie - thanks for stopping by and for your good wishes. I dare say your loved ones would prefer for your new years to be full of champagne and lots of sparklers and not impromptu rides in helicopters :) Also, don't tell my mum but I actually don't mind being in hospital **that** much cos I kind of like getting my meals on a tray!!! I know, I'm a freak...

@Jenni - You're right, life is what you make it, no matter what is thrown at you, and I fully intend for mine to be a good one. Hopefully I don't get blacklisted for medical and travel insurance cos that'll make it harder!

Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

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