Friday, 9 July 2010

Geography 3/4 Flashback

Did anybody else do Year 12 Geography? Back in Victoria, in 1999 when I did it a year early as part of my VCE, it was called Geography 3/4 - People, Power and Place. Basically, it focussed on environmental and natural resource management in parks and governments, and in hindsight it actually taught me a fair bit of what I do today, or, at least, made me aware of the concepts.

The primary concept we were schooled in was cutting and pasting. There were three Common Assessment Tasks (CATs - don't even bother Wiki-ing it, cos they don't exist anymore, and existed so long ago that they probably predate Wiki. For example, I sat Chinese CATs the final year that they ran them - 2000 - and I don't remember Wiki existing at that time). The first two were projects on parks and the third was an exam paper based on a fictional scenario. The first of these projects was on a park of our choice, and was to be displayed in a visually pleasing manner in an A3 sketch book. Essentially, this meant a lot of cutting and pasting and colouring in, and mounting text boxes and pictures and maps on pretty, colourful borders. So much paper was wasted, and so much glue was used! But it was all so pretty :)

So anyway, ten years later, I am finally putting my cutting and pasting skills to good use. This evening I made some cards, and if I do say so myself, they're rather pretty. Here they all are in a row:

It's dead easy. Just go to Spotlight and get some blank cardstock, and find some pretty paper, and ribbons, and glue them all together in whatever manner most pleases your eye. Some of the paper I used was the stuff they sell as scrapbook pages, and the stuff used in the second card from the right is some of what Emma brought me back from Japan. I'm glad to have finally used some, and now that I'm on a roll, I'm not sure that I'll be able to stop!

I tried to get photos of them individually but the camera wasn't playing the game, so this second line-up will have to do. I think they look quite nice together and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out.

Coming to a mailbox near you :) (if you're lucky)


  1. Geography 3/4 in 2000 under the SATs system still consisted mostly of cutting and pasting. Oh, and the ever important colouring in homework. I took great delight in doing my colouring in homework while everyone else was struggling through Methods and Spec!! ;)

  2. Like the cards!!

    No Geography for me. But I did get a score in the top 1% for PE 3/4. Possibly cos most other people taking that subject thought it was like a sporting competition, where in reality it was more like biology.


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