Sunday, 6 June 2010

Childhood dreams

For those of you who haven't already, meet my better half, Grant.

Grant had a childhood dream of owning a Sea Scooter - you know, those things the divers use in James Bond movies to zip about underwater with. They look kind of like a miniature torpedo and you hang onto them and away you go.

Thanks to the wonder that is Ebay, Grant was able to purchase one at a very good price. He chose Saturday - the fifth day of winter - to try it out.

Now, Saturday was quite a nice day. The sky was blue, the sun was shining... but looks can be deceiving.

It was around 16oC when Grant finally convinced me to get my bathers on and come down the beach. But thanks to a 24km/hr wind, it felt more like 10oC.

It was the sort of wind that blows sand along the beach, and as it gusts, it picks up the sand and exfoliates your legs. And sticks to anything you leave lying on the ground (like, say, nice warm jumpers and towels).I think that it is fair to say that despite the fact that it was freezing cold, Grant was quite excited about trying out the Sea Scooter. Exhibit A:

It is also fair to say that I, although wanting to be the supportive girlfriend, was somewhat less than enthusiastic about the prospect of getting wet in cold water and then standing in the wind. Exhibit B:
Grant's physical reaction to the cold water did nothing to inspire confidence or enthusiasm in me. I managed to capture him flinching as the first wave lapped at his leg.

Cold though it was, he had a childhood dream to fulfill, so he derobed and waded into the water.I'm sorry to say that Sea Scootering isn't a very exciting thing to take a photo of. Perhaps next summer, when the water is warmer and I am a more willing participant, I will get hold of a waterproof camera and capture some of the action underwater. Meanwhile, this is all I've got.After zipping about for about twenty seconds, Grant emerged from the water, breathless from cold, triumphant from having achieved a dream, but a little disappointed at the power of the Sea Scooter. I suspect there may be some modifications in the pipeline!And then it was my turn. Boy, was I excited! Okay, so maybe excited isn't the correct word to be using here. I mean, I would have been excited if it was warmer. But I'd made the fatal mistake of testing the waters with my toe.

And it only got worse as I got further in.I'm ashamed to say that this is as far in as I got. I'm getting soft! But I am looking forward to next summer, when it is toasty warm in both the wind and the water, and we can Sea Scooter and snorkel about the place to our collective hearts' content.

Moral of the story: By all means, take your childhood dreams off the shelf and try them out... but supercharge them before use. And do it on a warm day.

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