Sunday, 28 March 2010

I love programmers!

Just now I was mucking about with the settings on my blog, and I discovered that you can actually post... well, posts... direct from your email account. You can also send them to your blog as a draft. And you can imbed images in it.

Like this. (That's me all prettied up for Lori and Rob's wedding this arvo.)

OK well that didn't actually imbed but it does appear to have attached . I wonder how that will turn out. I also wonder whether I would be able to make it imbed in Outlook. Anyway, I'm sure I'll figure out the finer points of it sooner or later. But all I know is that now, when I think of awesome things to blog about while I'm at work, I can actually do it! Wicked!!! (As it turns out, it did imbed - at the top of the page - so I just dragged it down.)

Thankyou, blogspot programmers, for having the foresight to know that The Man would decide that blogging does not constitute valuable use of work time, and that I would need this feature.

Love, Ness xoxo

PS - FYI, Settings --> email --> choose either direct post or draft post, and make up an "email address" for it

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