Saturday, 17 October 2009

O Packing Day, O Packing Day

This morning I woke up and decided that packing for Thailand immediately would probably be a better idea than leaving it until, oh, I don't know, say, Monday night? This puppy

was lookin' a bit lonesome and unloved, anyhow, so it was high time to fill it with things. As it turns out, though, my suitcase has a twin. Yes, Kirsti and I went shopping for our holiday, independantly of one another, this time in different states, and yet again came back with exactly the same thing. Spooky. Last time it was this t-shirt

which also had a bleach stain in the exact same spot. I intended to post photos of us both wearing that t-shirt in South America, but the only one of me wearing it is on the Inca Trail and it's sooooooo unflattering so I'll give it a miss. Just imagine it. I mean, imagine it, only flattering. So once more we will be showing up for a joint holiday looking like the freakin' Bobbsy Twins . At least the logic behind it all was sound, though, because the suitcase it red, and it's awesome. Most red things are.

Interestingly, I just Wikied the Bobbsy Twins and they didn't actually dress anything like each other. How's THAT for trivia!

So, obviously the first step of packing is having clean clothes. I thought I'd wash the pants I bought for the plane (my others are gravitationally challenged) last weekend at Harbour Town, amongst other things

which were scattered across my room with other bits and pieces

(obviously it's still cold at night cos the sleeping bag's still on my bed. Please pretend the bed is made. Again.) just to make 'em all soft and comfy instead of crispy and scratchy and smelling like dye. Crispy and scratchy has its place, but it sure as heck ain't on an international flight!

All my clothes were piled up, ready to rock 'n' roll, when I realised that my slothful rising this morning had allowed Bron to bogart the washing machine. Raspberries. Not just the machine, though - the entire laundry.

(Or at least it felt like the entire laundry at the time. Looking back on the photo now, though... meh *shrugs*) I think the washing may have to wait a couple of hours... in the meantime, I'm going to get on the elliptical trainer in a vain attempt to work off the delicious organic pizza, glass of Rockford Alicante Bouchet and glass of Bailey's from last night. Yep, my Weekly Culinary Misdemeanour is well and truly under my belt. No pun intended.

And here it all is on the line. Much better *sighs with relief*

Packing: Take Two.

I have this incredible fantasy about... now, now, settle down!... arriving home from a holiday to a perfectly spotless house. To date, I have not achieved it. I suspect it's part laziness, part last-minute packing and a whoooooole lot of sharing a space with other people. I came close to realising my fantasy last Christmas (giggle) when I went back to Melbourne and left my room in Adelaide in pretty good nick, but it's as close as I've gotten. Huh, having said that, I just realised how long it's been since I dusted my TV/DVD player/TV cabinet... oops... um, anyway, hopefully my room will look more like this than this when I get back!

What to bring, what to bring... okay, in order of importance (obviously, cos that's the order they've come to mind in):

1. Bathers. Two pairs. I like to mix things up a bit. Aren't they pretty??

2. Boardies and rashie. I hear the Thais are a bit thingy about flashing your rack about the place, plus I don't want to get sunburnt.
3. Sunscreen. Three tubes - one for face, two for body. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find sunscreen for sensitive skin in tubes less than 100mL?? I need enough for the whole trip as I heard that Thai sunscreen often contains the things that I'm allergic to. Daniel from work came home from Thailand last year covered head to toe (at least, I assume it was head to toe... actually I assume it wasn't, because that would mean that he.... okay, never mind!!!) in a mystery rash, which I was well aware was from sunscreen having suffered the same rash myself, but which earnt him the name "rash rooter" from his colleagues. I feel that it's prudent to NOT show up at work with rash in two weeks' time, after having paid Dan out about it so badly...
4. Undies and socks. Slightly concerned they're this far down my list of priorities... also, am planning to bring one pair of undies that I really, really hate, but they've been to Europe and to South America (I hate them so much I haven't worn them much since I bought them in late 2005, so they're still alive and well) and I felt it only fair to include them on a trip to Asia, too.
5. Gym clothes. Yes, really. If the beer is safer than the water I'll be needing these!
6. Shirts that cover my shoulders. Dual purpose - sunburn prevention, and cultural sensitivity.
7. Skirts and shorts. Cooler than pants.
8. PJ's. It may be hot in Phuket, but I'm sharing a room. 'Nuff said.
9. Singlets. They're handy to have.
10. Pants and cardi for the plane. Suspect will wear 'em there and back, and nowhere else. This, by the way, is one of the best-travelled cardies EVER!

There it is on the Eiffel Tower, seeing the sights. It's been to England, Scotland, Ireland (Nth and Sth), France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Peru. I'm not sure whether it made it to Monaco or Liechtenstein. I suspect it did make it to Liechtenstein cos we went skiing and my outer jumper was a thin fleece, so I certainly HOPE I was wearing it underneath! Monaco, maybe not. No, definately not. I wore my pink turtleneck jumper under a denim jacket that day. Ahh, clothing memory - something that boys neither possess nor understand!
11. Camera, chargers and adaptors, plus an international iPod charger that I'm bringing for Kirsti but which I won't personally use because SOME BASTARD STOLE MY iPOD!!! *mutters and cusses under breath*
12. Toiletries, including a mini version of my moisturiser that I ordered from Strawberry Net so I can a) bring it carry-on, and b) not have to lug the larger bottle about. Can't believe I put that much effort into moisturiser. Repeat after me, Vanessa: they have shops in Thailand. They have shops in Thailand... did it work? Nope.
13. Footwear - sensible closed toe (my HiTecs - on their way out, but comfy and still intact, but won't be the end of the world if an elephant swallows them), my purple Havs (don't want to bring my Brazilian ones in case I lose them) and flat black sandals that are nice enough to wear out but comfy enough to traipse about the place in.
14. Reading material. Critical for poolside lounging.
15. Dress. You never know when you'll need one.

Look at all that space left for shopping. Makes a gal's heart warm to see it!

Look out PHUKET!!! I'm on my way!!! (in a couple of days)

PS - Cammo won't be there. I checked. Nice guy but kinda glad I don't have to share my holiday with him...

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